Mallory Kelly is an author from Utah. She wrote her first book before she could read (via a helpful father and a quarter page of yellow construction paper) and is near completion of her first full-length novel.

She joined the United States Air Force in the hopes of exotic travel. In her four years of service, she saw New Mexico and Afghanistan (which look the same when disembarking a C-130 at midnight), Florida, North Carolina, Germany, Qatar, and three separate areas of Texas that have put her off the state entirely. Her enduring reward was the rest of her college education, which she began at BYU in 2009. She completed her Bachelors in English with Magna Cum Laude from Troy University after a winding road through History and Business (for some reason) in 2017.

Mallory works as a freelance writer. Research for tech companies’ blogs is far easier to conduct while caring for her two kids than is writing intriguing dialogue for any of her several stories in-progress. These stories range from science fiction to horror to historical fiction and back.

In addition to two-arms worth of toddlers, she also frequently holds two ball pythons, makes quilts for her nieces and nephews, and, if she can manage, spends a solid five minutes of quality time with her dreamer of a husband, Bryan.

Her near future holds chainsaws and tree sap in high esteem. She and her husband have begun clearing their 20 forested acres near Bryce Canyon in preparation for their dream cabin. Both belong to the Log Home Builders Association and are angling to make a career of cabin building while RV-living.

Mallory writes best when she has been reading Stephen King or Diana Gabaldon, though her favorite author is William Faulkner. She loves to watch snow fall at night, thinks that Coheed and Cambria is underrated, and that Taco Time should be as prevalent as Walmart. If she could will any fictional character into being it would be Albus Dumbledore. The surest way to her heart is through Harry Potter socks.

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