The 5 Cornerstones of Characterization

I’ve heard the concept of this before and apply it when I write but reading it again gave me an unexpected breakthrough for one of my characters!

I’m grateful for a Creative Writing teacher in college who was wonderfully dialed in to elements like these. By actually putting down what makes great writing (and reading) into words it helped me realize that I could write fiction. It’s simple. Not easy, at all, but simple. Like there’s a pile of nuts and bolts in your brain and all you have to do is sort them and assemble something fantastic. It takes a long time but when it comes down to it, it’s just nuts and bolts.

A Writer's Path

by Michael Mohr

David Corbett—New York Times Notable author of many novels including Blood of Paradise (2007), Do They Know I’m running (2010), and The Mercy of the Night (2015)—published a sparkling, extremely-helpful nonfiction writers’ guide in 2013 entitled, “The Art of Character.”

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