13 Habits of Ridiculously Prolific Writers

Anything else you would add? Tell me what helps and what hurts your success in the comments.

A Writer's Path

by Meg Dowell

Sometimes, writing less leads to deeper, more creative thinking.

Have you ever wondered how some writers manage to write thousands of words every day — while you can barely squeeze out 500 words after an hour of trying (and failing) to focus? How do so many successful writers publish so much — even though one success could carry their careers for years?

These are the habits of writers who cannot stop, who refuse to stop, who somehow  do this writing thing and don’t suffer creative burnout in the process.

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Giants: Red-headed Cannibals — The Si-Te-Cah

The evidence of cannibalized humans at Lovelock Cave where the Si-Te-Cah were found indicates that someone was eating other humans. Whether it was the “giants” or not, and whether it was a famine compelling them to eat humans or whether they had just acquired the taste, is unknowable.

Magnetic Human or Cyborg Overlord?

Car keys? No problem, they’re under my left ear. Your spoon fell on the floor? Use this one from my bicep. Are you trying to get my attention? Can’t you read the “go” and “away” magnetic words on my forehead? Now that’s living the dream.

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